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We believe in people so are as profits in our balance sheets. Our recognition is our unique innovative products. We are going to effort best in all streams like quality control, marketing, advertising and easily affordablilty and so these are our strongest point.
Our strategy is "Neither we nor somebody is competitor in the market" and we are making own benchmark in WELLNESS INDUSTRY GLOBALLY by unique prodcut quality, product categeory, innovative research base, hospitality, marketing strategy, income and services.

C.O.O’s Message

HOLY BOTANICALS has been devoted to wellness – it is above all because of our Passion for it. Passion for what cosmetics can bring to women and men : well-being, self-confidence, an openness towards others. Passion also for a business which is intrinsically linked to humanity and culture. Because creating beauty products means seeking to understand others, knowing how to listen to them, apprehencing their traditions, anticipating their needs. Without this passion, HOLY BOTANICALS adventure would never have been possible. Commitment for world class quality Ayurvedic Proprietory Medicines. C.O.O Dr. U V Singh


Our values are embedded in HOLY BOTANICALS genetic code. They continue to this day to express themselves in the daily actions of all our teams across the globe. Here is a close-up on the OUR’S six founding values. HOLY BOTANICALS has been devoted to wellness – it is above all because of our Passion for it. Passion for what products or drugs can bring to Human: well-being, self-confidence, an openness towards others. Passion also for a business which is intrinsically linked to humanity and culture. Because creating beauty products means seeking to understand others, knowing how to listen to them, apprehending their traditions, anticipating their needs.Without this passion, the HOLY BOTANICALS adventure would never have been possible. Innovation is also one of our founding values. We always have in mind the fact that our company was founded for very specific purpos. Innovation is essential because beauty is an endless quest that constantly requires a higher level of performance. At HOLY BOTANICALS, it is vital. Always wanting to push back the limits of knowledge means discovering new ways to create products that are truly different and surprising. To always stay one step ahead. Because there is no innovation without daring, without taking initiatives, HOLY BOTANICALS has always given priority to the individual rather than to organisations. Entrepreneurial spirit, a synonym for autonomy, challenge, and adventure, has always been encouraged and embodied in a specific management style. Today it is still the driving force behind a Group built above all on a belief of the importance of each individual and their talents. Another value that has been guiding us since the foundation is Open-mindedness. Listening to consumers and understanding their culture, being open to others and benefiting from their differences are absolute priorities in order to respond to the infinite diversity of beauty and wellness aspirations around the world. They are inseparable from our business and our mission. These four values are inextricably related to our fifth value, the quest for Excellence. A value that permeates every aspect of our business, in every country and that is expressed in a state of mind and a constant pursuit for perfection. We all share this desire to surpass ourselves to be able provide the best for our customers.
Finally, whether the Group is innovating or showing its entrepreneurial spirit, it has always done so with a sense for Responsibility. HOLY BOTANICALS first invention, the “FEED-H hair lotion” is already an expression of this fundamental concern for effective, safe, innocuous and natural products. But our sense of responsibility goes far beyond that. As a world leader in beauty, we have, more than others, the duty to preserve the beauty of the planet and to contribute to the well-being of our associates and of the communities in which we are present.


Integrity, Respect, Courage and Transparency are our CORE PRINCIPLES.These principles shape our culture, underpin our reputation, and must be known and recognised by all HOLY BOTANICALS’ associate and employees/ assocites. And so we benefitted as High levels of consumer and client satisfaction. Motivated Associate & Employees. Highly engaged suppliers. Increased shareholder loyalty.But the HOLY BOTANICALS Ethical Principles are not just words, to be put aside in difficult times.The HOLY BOTANICALS Ethical Principles are alive and allow us to build trust through our actions every day as.


Acting with integrity is vital to building and maintaining trust and good relationships. Integrity in our relationship with our consumers means ensuring that our advertising is based on proven performance and scientific data. Integrity in our relationship with our business partners means adhering to good corporate governance practices to avoid any real or perceived conflict of interests. Integrity in the way we do business means respecting the laws of the countries in which we operate, fighting against corruption, maintaining high standards in accounting and reporting, and protecting and making the most effective use of company assets. HOLY BOTANICALS interests are never served by illegal or unethical practices.


What we do has an impact on many people’s lives. Showing respect does not mean being “nice” or simply giving people what they want. It means making choices which take into account not only our interests but also the interest of those who are affected by our actions. We show respect to our consumers by recognising that they are all different and avoiding stereotypes, by trying to respond to their different needs and also by delivering innovative, highly efficient products manufactured to the most demanding standards of quality and safety.
HOLY BOTANICALS respect for employees means offering a working environment where personal talent and merit are recognised, diversity valued, privacy respected and the balance between professional and personal life is taken into account. Associates / Employees / Entities at HOLY BOTANICALS are expected to work together in a respectful and open manner, giving credit for other people’s ideas and recognising the contribution of others. Disparagement of colleagues or the spreading of rumours are contrary to HOLY BOTANICALS value of respect. We must also demonstrate respect for society in general by supporting and implementing the HUMANITY Principles of Society and Compact in the area of Human Rights, Labour, the Environment and anti- Corruption.


Courage is the beating heart of our CORE Principles. We recognise that acting ethically is not always easy. It sometimes means challenging the status quo, it means being willing to challenge our own actions, it means standing up for our ideas even if we’re not heard the first time. It sometimes means spending the time and money needed to get it right. Facing up to difficult questions, listening to others who may challenge us, building a culture of openness and generosity so that all employees feel, free to come forward with their questions, ideas and concerns.


Last but not least, is transparency, sincerity. We must always be truthful and be able to justify our actions and decisions.

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